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Paris Motor Speedway
October 31st 2009

38 Modifieds at Paris Motor Speedway on Halloween Night! Marc ran 6th in a heat of 10, only took top 2 to the feature. Marc started back of 2nd B-Main finished 7th in field of 15 cars, they only took the top 6 to A-Main, missed A Main by a half-a-car length at Checkered! Team left before A-Main and got home at 4am Sunday morning! They also had over 40 Sport Mods!

"ROUGHEST TRACK I have ever driven on!," says Marc " Tore nose off car from the ruts and pot holes, cracked oil pan & bent flywheel!"

Next race 2010
Track - TBA

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Paris Motor Speedway
October 31st 2009

Fun & Wild Debut at GCS!
Planning on next race

The debut of the car on September 26th at
Grayson County Speedway in Bells, Texas, was impressive and disappointing. In hot laps the car was lighting fast, just to tight entering the turns. Starting at the rear of the qualifying heat, Marc only ran 2 laps when he got in to the back straight wall avoiding some cars slowing up ending the night with some major right front damage.

"It was a little disappointing after feeling so good about the car in hot laps," says Marc "But encouraging how that the car was fast, we will fix car and try 2 or more times before the season ends."

Next race Oct. 24th, 2009
Track - TBA

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Grayson County Speedway!
September 26th, 2009

"After a lot of work, we are ready to hit the Dirt."says Marc Madison

The Team plans on debuting the car on September 26th at
Grayson County Speedway in Bells, Texas.

Gates open @ 5:00PM

Drivers Meeting @ 7:00 PM

Track Packing @ 7:15 PM

All Races Start @8:00PM

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Hood & Nose

Ready for
the Dirt

It's clean,

Fast Ride
I Hope

Car Close to being Ready for DIRT!

September 5, 2009

Tioga, TX — "After a couple of months work,we have almost got the car ready to Run."says Marc Madison

The Team started changing the asphalt car over to run local dirt tracks and alot of work went into changing the car over. The reardend was completely rebuilt, all springs shocks and mounting points changed on rear suspension, battery, weights all moved. Engine and radiator lowered along with all new nerf bars & bumpers, Hood and nose.(see pics below)

"It was a lot of Fun and hard work changing the over for dirt," Marc Madison said. "I look forward to getting back on the dirt tracks in North Texas."

The Team plans on running a limited number of tracks in north Texas in 2009, then announce where they will run for 2010.

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to Dirt

no Spoiler

Dirt Tires
& Wheels

New Rails being installed

New Bumper, Engine Lowered

2009 Racing UPDATE

June 9, 2009

For Immediate Release - June 7th, 2009

Contact: Tammie Madison

Marc Madison Racing Prepares to return to Dirt.

After 5 years on the Asphalt bullrings of Texas, 1 Championship, Track Record and more than a dozen Feature wins, 52 year old native Texas racecar driver Marc Madison will make his return to the dirt tracks of Texas.

“This was a decision based on economics,” said Marc Madison. “ After losing most all of our sponsors in 2009 and the closest Asphalt track being over 4 hours away, we have decided to go back to my roots of Dirt Track Racing.”

Marc Madison Racing will prepare an IMCA Modified to race at local dirt tracks in north Texas. The team will convert the Asphalt Pro-Modified into an IMCA Modified to run races in the last part of 2009 on a limited schedule.

"After 35 years it is hard not to be racing at the start of 2009." Marc said. “My wife and I went to a local dirt track one Saturday night by the house and I told her, that’s it, back to basics and back to racing.”

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2009 Racing Schedule?

February 20, 2009
For Immediate Release - February 20, 2009

Contact: Tammie Madison

Marc Madison Racing cuts back, but not quitting.

For the first time in over 35 years, 52 year old native Texas racecar driver Marc Madison announces he is cutting back in 2009 due economic times and Family commitments.

“Having to take over as guardian of both my parents in December, handling all the finances and health care for them has put a squeeze on time & budget in 2009.”

"I still have the desire and ability to win races, but with the family situation with my parents and the economic times we are in, things change. I may drive a few races this year with my own car if the money or sponsorship is there or if someone needs a substitute driver but I am not ready to retire.”

"However, if I were to decide never to drive again, I have had a great career, I am not going far. I will be around and have no plans to retire yet."

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