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Did you drive to work today?


Take a swing at your competition by painting a high quality impression on the consumers mind. Let our Racecar, Support Truck and Trailer sport your personal image and brand. Over 95% of consumers are on the road weekly.


Can you picture in your mind an advertising medium that prevents channel surfing or station switching in a streaming non interrupt environment? You can’t avoid our Racecar, Support Truck and Trailer Ad on the road. There is no escape from a targeted view by your potential customers.


I do have to admit that our advertising media is not for everyone. You or may be ready for the highly targeted national presence we can provide, but please keep in mind that we specialize in regional and local programs at a truly low cost (North Texas area). If you can’t afford us you can’t afford to advertise. We are the common man’s image-makers. We deliver a unique presence. We make your product or service highly visible on demand on the highway.


Do you want to be king of the road?


When you use Texas Modified Race Team, the Racecar, Support Truck and Trailer you use are exclusive to you. That means you own the advertising space on both sides of the truck, trailer and racecar. No one on the road will pass your ad by without looking. You have the right of way all the time.


Texas Modified Race Team PROMOTIONS
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Target Your Outdoor Audience

Texas Modified Race Team specializes in High Impact and Targeted campaigns insuring the most cost effective use of your advertising dollars!

By saturating a market with your logo/message, we can increase response rates to all of your advertising expenditures. Our team Racecar, support truck and Trailer traveling 2,000 to 3,000 miles a month in your target market and can deliver brand awareness not only at the track, but on the roadways, parking lots, anywhere you can park a car, you can be seen. Our team is perfect for guerrilla-styled advertising, driving around the competition to promote your own client.

Texas Modified Race Team provides its clients unmatched visibility in high traffic areas such as shopping centers, airports, sporting events, community events – any outdoor location you can imagine. Your logo/message will be viewed by thousands of people each day, and because the message is uniquely displayed and targeted to those most likely to take interest, it will provide unparalleled response rates to your marketing dollars. Put us to work for you!

Texas Modified Race Team provides businesses of all sizes an innovative marketing tool at an affordable rate.

Our Racecar, support truck and Trailer helps increase your sales, name recognition and product awareness!

Texas Modified Race Team is not just another race team. We lead the way through excellence in service. Let us become one of the most effective means of introducing your business or services to your target market. With our Racecar, support truck and Trailer delivering your message where your customers live, work and play, plus on the internet at, it is no wonder advertising with our vehicles is so effective!


Driver Marc Madison

135 Redbird Lane Tioga, TX 76271 Office (214) 794-8976 Fax (208) 498-4018

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Great Ideas for Mobile Advertising!

Americans are constantly on the move. Why isn’t your message?

Be seen where normal advertising is not allowed – commitments range from daily runs. Our Racecar, support truck and Trailer are the perfect medium for:


Event Marketing:

Create awareness and excitement for your upcoming event. Use a Racecar, support truck and trailer prior to the event to create local market awareness. This has been especially useful with employment recruiting events.



Add power and excitement to your overall strategy. Use a Racecar, support truck and Trailer to saturate your target market. A study by the American Trucking Association found that 91% of the public remembers graphics and words on a Racecar, support truck and Trailer. Use this memorable medium to increase awareness and sales!




Trade Shows:

Increase your booth traffic by standing out from the other exhibitors. Use a Racecar, support truck and Trailer and take your message directly to: host hotels, convention center, parking lots, high traffic routes, and the airport, nearby restaurants. Imagine… your booth is the one with ALL the customers.



Racecar, support truck and Trailer are also useful in any application where high impact and immediate reach are essential…

Race Tracks


Major Metropolitan Areas

Sporting Events

Political Elections


Trade Shows

Outdoor Festivals

Cities and Events

Rush Hour Traffic

Grand Openings

Holiday Events

Motion Picture Premiers

New Product Introduction

Retail Store Openings

Recruitment Events


A Cost Effective Alternative: Mobile Billboard Advertising

We understand that “getting the most bang for your buck” is vital when developing a marketing plan.

Texas Modified Race Team offers an extremely favorable cost per impression rate for your advertising campaign. Consider the traditional competition’s costs as recently reported by the Wall Street Journal:

Local TV:

A 30-second television commercial on a local station in a top 10 market ranges from $4,000, generally during a movie, to $45,000 for time on one of the highest-rated shows.

Network TV:

A 30-second spot in prime time ranges from $80,000 to $600,000 depending upon how high a show is rated and the show’s genre. The average is $120,000 to $140,000.

Cable TV:

A 30-second spot in prime time runs between $5,000 and 8,000 depending on the network.

Stationary Billboards:

To place several short-term ads from one to three months on the 14X48 signs along the freeway ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 in top 10 markets.

Radio: Commercials range from $200 to $1,000 for a 60-second spot, depending upon criteria such as time of day and the program’s ratings.





A full-page ad in the top 10 markets runs an estimated $120 per 1,000 circulation.

Direct mail:

The most common forms of direct mail include packages of coupons in letter-sized envelops, which cost $15 to $20 per 1,000 delivered, and single-sheet newspaper inserts like fliers, which cost between $25 and $40 per 1,000 circulation.


Texas Modified Race Team’ Billboard Trailer & Truck:

Monthly rates start? Email for quotes, prices vary with demographical areas.With the racing season running from March through October, Racecar, Support Truck and Trailer can generate 200,000 to 800,000 impressions a day, a quick way to increase regional awareness and a cost effective means to build market share.


Impressive Facts about Texas Modified Advertising!

Have you ever stopped to think how powerful billboard ads are? Think about the companies that advertise on billboards. The majority of them are major companies with millions of advertising dollars to spend each year. There is no doubt among them that this powerful advertising medium is one of the best out on the roads…

Now consider the power of a billboard that drives by you! Your advertisement will penetrate the minds of commuters, pedestrians and large crowds as they are captivated by the moving message as the support truck is driven daily in your target market areas. (A mileage log is kept daily logging where and the miles traveled)


Consider the following:

Monthly impressions range from one to four million hits on local (urban and suburban) routes. -Traffic Audit Bureau survey published July 1999, “Inside Out of Home”

In survey by Robinson, Yesawich & Pepperdine, Inc. (now Yesawich, Pepperdine & Brown, the largest US advertising agency for the leisure and travel industry)

96% of respondents noticed the words and pictures displayed on Racecar, support truck and Trailer. 98% of respondents felt Racecar, support truck and Trailer created a positive image for the company.

Ninty-one percent of all people notice the words and pictures displayed on a Racecar, support truck and Trailer and thirty-five percent look closely.

-American Truck Association study published in 1992.

Many advertisers have pointed out that traditional forms of advertising have become less effective in reaching their consumers, especially the lucrative 25-35 year old demographic. They are out and about and when they are at home, they’re either in front of the computer or usually watching cable (digital) television. It has really segregated the market and forced advertisers to look at creative solutions.”

-Caroline E. Mayer, The Washington Post


Driver Marc Madison

135 Redbird Lane Tioga, TX 76271 Office (214) 794-8976 Fax (208) 498-4018

Email website

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Texas Modified Race Team” for 2006


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