This here page has a lot of dancers and sech on it, so y'all just turn on your sound, and set a spell till it finishes loadin, OK?  Thanks, sugar!
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Rac'n Santa!
Christmas VeeHick-eL engine spare engine ya never know when you'll need another
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fiddler moonshine git-tarr couldn't get a banjo player lead singer
Warm up the band!
Wake the old man
grandpa's still got the spirit, by golly

on the

count of three

practicin' fer the square dance Satieday nite! Got this yer purty lil thang offen the back 40!
Do a twirl beside that tree
Hope y'all been good this year!
the home place Set out the pork rinds
and the beer
Cause Bubba Claus will soon be here
and a Merry Christmas to all!
Now, in case you Yankees and other furineers cain't figgur out what this here's all about, jest take yur little pointy thing and put it on the critters above, and y'all get some explainin.

You'ns have a Merry Christmas now, y'hear?
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