Through the Darkness...

September 11, 2001
will be remembered as
one of the blackest days in
the history of the United States.

Hijacked airplanes rammed the
World Trade Center,
toppling the twin towers.
The Pentagon was struck and
partially destroyed.

Thousands perished.

What happened was a
heinous and violent act
not only against the United States,
but against all mankind and God.

And though we will search for
a reason why this happened,
we will never understand why
someone would commit such a
crime against their fellow man.

But we can pray for every soul
that has been touched by this
terrorist act,
for all of those who were killed,
for all of those who were wounded,
and for all of those who
lost someone they love.

And we can pray for this country
in hopes that such a day will
never be written into
our history books again.

God has not abandoned us
through this crisis.
He has sent his angels
to guide those who
were killed home
and to comfort those who
lost someone they love.

He's lending all of us the strength to deal with this tragedy.
Through the darkness,
he's sending his healing light.

Marc Madison