Q: Do I need extensive racing experience to drive with Team RRC?

A: No, if you are able to get the kids safely to soccer practice in rush hour traffic, you can do it. Team RRC (at no   charge) a class on the rules of the road and the flags. Team RRC has years of racing experience and will help you however we can. That's all you need to get your feet wet. Use your head, its a long race and its all about FINISHING.

  Q: What all is included in the cost of the rental?

A: Your entry fees and share of the expendables ( tires, fuel, transport costs, etc). Team RRC has a "tailgate gathering/meeting" the night prior to the start of the race. It does not include license for that series. You must purchase your own series license. ($20-$50)

Q: What happens if I crash the car?

A: A $500 CASH crash deposit or a credit card with valid ID is required at the time of arrival at the track.If expenses exceed the crash deposit, you are liable for the costs of repairs or replacement....just as if it was your own car. Upon conclusion of the race your cash/card will be returned. We are NOT in the business of collecting crash deposits, our wives bitch enough about the amount of time spent in the shop.

Q: What happens if I don't get to drive?

A: Team RRC makes every possible effort to prepare for each and every event. We carry extra parts, transmissions and use only New & Used parts when doing post race repairs and maintenance. However, there is no 100% guarantee that you will get to drive the full amount. Severe weather, Red Flags, Snowstorms, Hurricanes and mechanical failures are all apart of the game. If you do not get to drive at least ONCE in the car we will apply a future credit towards the event of your choice, and you will be the FIRST driver in the car. Money is spent on tires, fuel, entry fees, transport, prep and there isn't much left over after you pay for all of that. This is as fair as it gets. We are not getting rich I can assure you.....

Q: Do I get my money back if I  don't want to drive?

A: Races run regardless of weather. As a member of the team, others are counting on you to help out. It takes a LOT to make one of these races happen and if you are not 100% sure you can do it, don't commit. IF you/we are able to find a replacement you will receive your money back or can apply your credit towards a future event.

Q: How is the driving order determined?

A: We draw straws Coors Cans or numbers at the team meeting. Jay & Marc are always the last guys in the car.

Q: What saftey gear do I need to bring with me?

A: For a detailed and confusing list of what you need  CLICK HERE if you find it confussing, cause we did, just ask us.

Q: What if I don't have any gear?

A: You can Rent Saftey Equipment from RaceSuitRental  http://racesuitrental.com/rent_gear.html can hook you up with whatever you need. They use high quality Sparco and OMP gear that is FedX shipped to you. This is a GREAT way to "try it before you buy it" and sink thousands of dollars into a hobby that is more addicting than smoking crack. They are fellow racers and know exactly what you need. They head and neck restraint systems.

Q: What additional equipment will I need to race with Team RRC?

A: Nomex socks are not included in the gear rental. We recommend you purchased them or any saftey gear you want to buy from our Friends & Racers at Smiley's Racing Products. Our team utilizes Racing Radios with the NASCAR style connector, we supply the radio and harness but it is your responsibility to purchase ear buds ( Ipod buds will work)

Q: In the event of accident am I insured?

A: A release of liability is required upon arrival at the track. Racing is dangerous, you could be hit by a flying tire, runaway car, killed, crash and catch on fire ( we WILL run your credit card even if you die in the accident) dismembered or brutally beaten in a bar fight in the woods of Georgia. Regardless of fault, we accept no responsibility for anything that happens on the racing surface, pit area or in transit to the facility. Racing is a dangerous activity and by signing the waiver you understand the risks and what "could happen." We take safety very seriously and take measures to minimize the risks.

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